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Kristina doesn\'t want to do their taxes. So she convinces her husband to do them the best way she knows how..with some fucking!

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Julia Ann and her husband Rocco have discussed having a threesome for a long, long time now, and while having a post-dinner talk about Rocco's friend Bill, Julia's ready for the real thing. The couple invite Bill over and surprise him with horny and married Julia and her big tits naked on the couch, save for the black stockings sexing up her legs. The fun begins when she starts sucking Bill's big dick, and then her husband pounds her wet pussy from behind.

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Sarah Vandella hasn't done her taxes in years and she needs help catching up. Luckily, her friend's husband is great with taxes and agreed to give her a hand. She really needs his hand elsewhere though, like up her skirt. He's a little hesitant to cheat on his wife, but Sarah has an ace up her sleeve. She knows married men hardly get blowjobs, so she drops to her knees and sucks his cock. After that he has no problem fucking Sarah.

DirtyWivesClub.com Νέα Νοικοκυρά XXX γκαλερί (12)

Sandee Westgate goes off to a concert while her husband is away. She gives him a call when she gets home and lets him know about the cute front man of the band she just saw. She also let's her husband know that the cute front man is over at their house and that he's going to take care of her real good. Sandee can't wait for her husband to get home to tell him all about her night with the rockstar and his huge dick.

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